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Having picked up her first camera before the age of ten, the love of art through a lens has followed Heidi throughout her day to day life. She has sought inspiration wherever she goes. Heidi always marches to the beat of a different drummer – and it shows through her photographs.

As a ten year professional in the advertising industry, Heidi has always carried a camera with her, photographing all that created inspiration, or drew her curiosity. This includes, but is not limited to documentary, abstraction and astrophotography. The Tempo Tenuto collection created in 2006 was her first serious attempt at fine art photography via her abstract expressionistic imagery.

Her collections are photographed digitally, however they are single RAW images with no post-processing layering, or manipulation. Inspired by star trails and the desire to see beyond what is normally visible, they are a down-to-earth dreamscape of our everyday lives.



bits and pieces

  1. ride my vintage motorcycle

  2. play drums in a band

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